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Our Story

Welcome to Okanda, the newest chapter in our culinary journey, brought to life by the successful founders of the award-winning Kochchi Sri Lankan Street Food. Our story doesn't begin merely within the bustling kitchens of Kochchi, but rather it takes root in the vibrant street markets and humble homes stretching across Southeast Asia.


Our journey starts from the verdant tea-covered hills of Sri Lanka, navigates through the bustling spice markets of India, ventures along the fragrant food stalls of Thailand, and descends to the seafood-laden coasts of Indonesia and Malaysia. Each of these experiences has enriched our culinary palate, culminating in Okanda – a gastronomic tapestry woven from the rich, vibrant flavours of Southeast Asia.


We, Shehan and Suki, along with our dedicated team, have personally lived amidst the fusion of cultures and flavours that make up this extraordinary region. It is this rich, multicultural experience that we bring to Okanda. Our menu mirrors our journey, a fusion of dishes we've grown up with and the ones we've discovered along our culinary travels.


In crafting our dishes, we are dedicated to using locally-sourced produce, a commitment born out of respect for both our local community and the environment. This mindful sourcing allows us to weave the tale of our culinary journey while honouring the lands that nourish us.


We invite you to join us at Okanda, where every dish is an exploration, every flavour an adventure. Embark with us on this extraordinary culinary journey that not only celebrates Southeast Asian flavours but does so sustainably and responsibly.

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